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Corporate Philosophy


Kasuga Apprel mainlyoffers casual ladies wear and cut-and-sew products.
In order to provide high quality products, we maintain a high level of quality control.
Our services include product planning, sample production, inspection and delivering.

Corporate Profile

・公司名称 春日服饰有限公司
・公司设立 1950年11月
・投资额 3900万日元
・总经理 今井 浩輔

总公司     595-0054  大阪府泉大津市春日街3番27号
       电话 0725-32-3581   传真 0725-22-5116
大阪分公司  542-0012   大阪市中央区谷町7丁目6-34 2階
       电话 06-6767-3100   传真 06-6767-3110

Ladies Cut-and -Sew manufacuture


・Company name :Kasuga apparel company
・Founded   : 1950
・Capital    : 390,000 USD
・President : Imai Kosuke


   3-27 Kasugatcho Izumiotsu city Osaka
       TEL +81-0725-32-3581 FAX +81-725-22-5116
Branch in Osaka
   7-6-34 Tanimachi chuoku Osaka city
       TEL +81-6-6767-3100 FAX +81-6-6767-3110


Flow from plannning to manufacuturing


We can reply for various customers’ needs and understand accurately.
We support strongly imageable manufacturing within trends of the time and trend information.
从印刷,刺绣, 空气刷子. 手写等第二阶段加工开始到设计,样品创做 等有独特的商品策划和生产能力。

Japan production
We work from secondary processing (printing, embroidery, air brushing, handwriting, and so on) to product planning and manufacturing which are designs obsessed.

Foreign production
We have the factories in Dairen, Shanghai and Koushu produce and they work from cutting cloth, printing and sewn products manufacturing to inspection and shipping.